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Friday, March 13, 2015

Linangan Terakhir by Forteen

One of my fav. band in Malaysia. Their latest single was just released last month. Sing a long with the below lyrics while you playing the song :)

Khabarnya, khabarnya kau dah jumpa

Pengganti teman hidup

Mungkin dialah bahagia mu

Semoga, semoga dia memberi secebis lebih hati
Dari segala yang ku mampu

Sebenarnya sejak detik berpisah

Ku damba rujuk semula

Mungkin tiba masa untuk ku sedar

Tak guna lagi aku berduka

Cinta yang mati takkan hidup semula

Tak guna lagi aku merintih
Jadikan titisan ini linangan terakhir

Cukuplah, cukuplah ku merindu

Orang yang sudah jauh meninggalkan hati berpaut

Ku coba, ku coba bunuh semua sisa cinta bernyawa
Di halaman hati yang keruh

Sebenarnya sejak detik berpisah

Ku damba rujuk semula

Mungkin tiba masa untuk ku sedar

Tak guna lagi aku berduka

Cinta yang mati takkan hidup semula

Tak guna lagi aku merintih
Jadikan titisan ini linangan terakhir

Aku harus tabah membina semula

Harapan yang musnah

Doakanlah agar diri ku ketemu setanding diri mu

Tak guna lagi aku berduka

Cinta yang mati takkan hidup semula

Tak guna lagi aku merintih
Jadikan titisan ini linangan terakhir

Yang paling terakhir

Jadikan titisan ini linangan terakhir

Friday, March 6, 2015

While waiting.......

I'm in the car waiting for husband to perform his Friday prayer.We just went to TNB Tanjung Rambutan to register the installation of electric power for our Sakura lot and will be going to MBI after around 2pm.

I'm super hungry right now because we didn't take heavy foods early this morning.We were rushed and out of time.By the way,I'll drop by to Penang after everything settled and the first thing I want to do is to eat CHAR KEOW TEOW.Seriously I'm so craving for it. Could not find any good one in KL :(

Thursday, March 5, 2015

Busy March

What a busy March for me...

Lately,I've been busy with Bumi Armada and Baronia project at the office. Need to complete the technical and commercial proposal at a very limited time and I need to work on Sunday :(.
Luckily I'll be on leave tomorrow to settle TNB and DIB things for Ipoh house and feel bless my eyes can have some good rest from focusing on numbers,specifications,datasheet and so on.

I've registered Ezzy's Kitchen to become one of  vendors for Gold Garden Boutique and we go for chill food category.We decided to put caramel pudding and chocolate lasagna in the boutique.Hopefully,more and more people will love our foods soon and we get well known one day. Insya-Allah.By the way,there will be an opening ceremony at the end of March and everyone is welcome.Location and exact date will be shared very soon.

Just left another 2-3 weeks to our first outdoor event for 2015.That's is MoksFestival,which will be held at Maeps soon in the end of this month. I will share with you guys in the next entry. I am super duper sleepy and need to sleep as I need to wake up early morning tomorrow.

See ya guys later :)


Saturday, February 28, 2015

Job Opportunity

I've been received 2 phone calls regarding job opportunity within this week.Both are recruitment company and surprisingly one from London,UK.Honestly, I'm comfortable working at MIR (except for the boss which everyone in the team is not inline with him) yang membuatkan I sangat malas nak update my resume yang dah berhabuk tu.

Since dah lama tak pegi interview and I think I need to go for it this time , after 3 years 5 months working at MIR. So that I can gain some experience and know the need of current market.Waiting for LRT extension at our house to fully operate, the best time to work inside KL city will be next year.


Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Pasir Penambang & Pasar Sg.Yu

Actually, entry post ni dah lama nak update tapi tak kesampaian. Dah lama tersadai dalam draft folder. So,hari ni dapatlah I luangkan sedikit masa untuk story-mory sikit pasal Pasir Penambang & Sg.Yu.

Sejak dua tiga bulan ni,memang me and my husband shopping seafood dekat Pasir Penambang. Kalau dari Subang ,mungkin mengambil masa lebih kurang sejam untuk kesana tapi ianya sangatlah berbaloi-baloi untuk we all. Nak tahu kenapa? I'll let you know later :)

Normally, we all akan bertolak ke sana waktu tengah hari dan we had our lunch first sebabnya seafood-seafood yang segar selalunya kat pasar ada dalam pukul 2.30pm.But, you all bleh ke pasar Sg.Yu juga tapi timing kat sana tak berapa nak menentu , kena spend masa sikit nak ikan fresh kan? But , why not!

So,kat bawah ni few photos can really tell you the story. Fresh seafoods with good price and you can freeze them for few months, they will still fresh.

So,total semua yang we all beli kat atas tu in one trip is around RM200 sahaja!Tahan 2 bulan you all! Seriously sangat jimat and we do not have to go Pasir Tani macam dulu like every 2 weeks.
Memang we all sekarang beli seafood semua kat sini , budget 2 bulan sekali :)

Monday, January 26, 2015

Skin Inc Skincare

Hey,the lazy blogger is back!

Happy New Year (hope still not too late) to all and welcome to 2015.

So,today I want to share something about a skincare product that I just bought from Sephora , that is Skin Inc product. I know this product from instagram and there are a lot of good reviews from the users. Of course , I was excited to try since most of my skincare products already finish and I wanted to try a new one for this year.

What I like the most about this product is that it comes with a very simple steps , which are pure revival skin , encapsulated serum and pure deepsea hydrating mask.It's very suitable for lazy people like me.You can see below photo , the glowing set trial kit. I love the serums too , they come in small bottle and colourful little beads inside. Anyway, I also got free anti-aging serum with the below purchase.

'Get Glowin' Trial Kit
Anti-aging Serum

So,how much is the trial kit? For that 3 items,you can get around RM289 (sorry I can't remember the exact price,but surely below than RM300) at Sephora. You can also purchase by online at Skin Inc official website and Luxola.

I've been using this product about 2 weeks and I'm satisfied with the result.My skin becomes smoother and moist , however I can't see any reduction on my scars and redness spot due to my sensitive skin.

So far, no bad reaction and it just works fine on my skin.

If you want to try this product,my advise is to get the trial kit first. Once you feel comfortable with the product, go ahead and get the full size :)

Friday, July 25, 2014

Salam Aidilfitri 2014

We have been tested with so many things happen during Ramadan.The world was shocked with few air incidents that involved three air planes crashed so far.It is a big sadness for the aviation industry.Let us together pray for the best. Not forgetting for Gaza, that has been attacked by the Israel.We all want a peace and harmony life. So,please stop violence and war.

Hari Raya is getting nearer, just a few days left. I would like to take this opportunity to wish all Muslims Salam Aidilfitri and drive safely to your hometown.This year, I will celebrate my hari raya at my husband side, Sungai Merab and will leave for Penang on the 3rd of hari raya. I can't really wait to eat all the delicious foods especially ketupat and rendang , my grandma homecook.

Our rule for this year is not to buy any kuih raya and yes, we did it. I baked by my own.Those are cornflakes cookies,almond london and the latest one is red velvet cookies. Lastly ,enjoy this cute picture edited by someone, princess Elsa and Anna wearing hijab :)

Friday, July 18, 2014

Cross Underscarf by Arzu

Salam ,

I had a break-fast yesterday at the 'The Apartment',KLCC with my husband's colleague. My husband fetched me at home and we reached KLCC around 630pm. The traffic was a bit heavy at some places. Since we have some time before 'berbuka', I managed to go to Arzu to survey scarfs and other stuffs.As you know, Arzu scarfs are quite pricey but they come with good quality. I can say it worth it to buy once you fall in love with the scarf/shawl. No regret :)

Unfortunately, there was no discount or promotion. But I did fall in love with the cross under-scarf that Arzu offered.Each of it is at RM30 but if you purchase 4, the price will be RM100 which you can save about RM5 for each pieces. So, I choose 4 colours that are light blue,pink belacan,purple and royal blue.I hope there will be a BIG SALE soon,so I can grab few pretty shawls from them :)

Back to our break-fast event, I don't think so I need to tell much but to share about the foods served will be a great thing ya. People love to eat, especially Malaysian. So, I did captured some photos, of course food photo :). Mostly likely The Apartment offered a traditional Malay food as well as western. Numbers of dessert to be choosen , the taste not bad. Anyway,let the pictures tell you the story.

This is my first round

variety of kerabu

Sambal belacan,budu,cencaluk..semua pon ada.


Not so much drink to choose
One of my fav. section, but the portion is way too small :)

And that was the first time me and my husband break our fast outside.

By the way, not forgetting the whole world was shocked with a tragic tragedy that again happen to MAS flight. MH17 was shot-downed .Condolence to all the victim families

Al-fatihah to MH17 & keep praying for MH370.

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Nuzul Al-Quran Holiday

It's the end of world up fever and it's also the end of my short holiday at my hometown. My husband and I spent these 4 days to look up for our "raya" preparation.So,here is a little bit story of my routine in Penang.

We went to Queensbay Mall to look for 'baju raya'.Actually, we had bought few before 'puasa' at Midvalley but we need more because we don't really spend our money for clothes if there is no any festive related.I can say we seldom buy clothes.But here is another story.Our main plan actually was to look for baju raya, but secara tak sengaja we uols ter'divert' and terbeli barang lain.When there is DAISO, it's compulsory for me to enter that shop.I love DAISO branch in QB Mall more.Pilihan lagi banyak compared to other branches even in KL pon sometimes tak banyak pilihan.And of course I grabbed few things.So, we alls jalan-jalan and keluar masuk kedai and tak ada yang berkenan di hati.QB Mall tu besar nak mampus pon tak ada yang berkenan ye, so don't force yourself to buy it.Nak tahu apa yang berkenan di hati kami ? Those are comforter set and also katil..I told ya,kami dah divert kami punya main plan :)

Di jadikan cerita, as we walked around I saw AKEMI shop.Normally memang segan nak masuk sebab as we know harganya mostly expensive kalau tak ada discount.This time memang tertarik nak masuk sebab nampak less sampai 80%..Melampau sangatkan ?!!!Haruslah usha apa yang ada.So, tengok-tengok and belek-belek memang ada yang berkenan di hati. We checked the price with the sales assistant,surprisingly lagi murah dari beli dekat Mid Valley hari tu, only RM130 for the whole set.Ok what,not bad. We grabbed one!

Next was Harvey Norman.Memang alang-alang dah nampak Harvey Norman tu,kami saja nk usha-usha sofa.Nak survey-survey harga,balik KL senang terus shoot ke kedai.Lain yang kami cari, lain yang kami berkenan. It was bedding frame that caught our eyes and heart..hahaha..Seriously, the bedding frame was so beautiful and the price of course thousands.Then, we checked the price with the sales assistant and the best part the price is before discount.Harvey Norman is having some kind of promo now ,where when you buy  one item, you will get 30% off, two with 40% and three with 50% off. Discussion after discussion, so we decided to take that bedding frame since they can deliver it to our house Subang. Actually, the ware house is also from central , that should be no problem.As mentioned by them, it takes 2 weeks for the delivery.

Katil idaman qalbuuu..:)

The conclusion is we don't buy any clothes here as planned , but bedding set as unplanned :)

13/7/2014 - Sunday
Again,our main plan was the same, no change , to buy additional baju raya.Today,we went to AEON where it was re-located at Alma, nearer to my house!This AEON is bigger compared to the one in PERDA , more shops and Sushi King was there too :) A lot of new shops here such as BRAND OUTLET , KITSHEN ,PADINI and more.The food court also came in bigger space.Once again, we faced the same problem as Saturday. Many cloth shops however tak ada yang berkenan.Kalau ada yang berkenan pon,tak ada size pulak.Hurm....But I managed to grab a pair of yellow wedges at Vincci.Why yellow?Sebab sama dengan tema baju raya this year :)

I saw Cosway.I dropped by to buy few things.Beside Cosway,there is Court Mammoth outlet.We usha-usha sofa, sekali ada berkenan.Sekali lagi buat kerja gil,beli dari sini,penghantaran ke KL.Wow!Galak pulak shopping cenggitu ye.Anyway,sofa yang kami beli ni boleh pilih kaler or the other name, you can design by your own.Nak tema rumah ke, apa ke, pon boleh.No additional charges.So,warna fuchsia menjadi pilihan  hati bagi menaikkan keceriaan ruang tamu kami yang berdindingkan warna off-white.

We choose this pattern
Combination of Fuchsia colour for our sofa

Kesimpulanya, rumah ke nak raya , tuan rumah yang nak raya ? :p

14/7/2014- Monday
Memandangkan hari ni final world cup,makanya aku layan lah jugak masa waktu bersahur.Nanti tak ada la kat office orang bercerita aku blur2 jer kan.Lepas sahur, aku solat subuh dan terus sambung tido smpai tengah hari.hahahah.Bila lagi nak buat macam ni?waku cuti jerlah boleh :)

Bila dah tengah hari,baru sibuk-sibuk nak ke pekan.So,kami start dengan ke Tabung Haji.Memang asal aku balik kampung ja,mesti nak pegi bank.Kalau kat Subang,susah sikit nk cuti/time off bagai,.Tak berapa kuasa la mak.Since hari ni hari bekerja,urusan kami semuanya berjalan lancar.Dari Tabung Haji ke Maybank ke TM Point , tak ramai orang. Masa menunggu pon tak lama.Lepas semuanya selesai,we shoot to Sunway Carnival Mall.Kat sini ada Parkson,nasib baik ada yang berkenan di hati.Both of us managed to get pairs of jeans/trousers. Less pon not bad kat sini,some items are at 70%.

So,that's my story.Sebelum sampai ke Subang dala perjalanan dari Penang,kami sempat singgah tengok perkembangan rumah di Ipoh.Alhamdullilah, dah byk siap.Cepat jugak progress dia. So far sangat berpuas hati beli dengan MK Land.

Hope to see you guys in the next entry ya :)

Saturday, July 12, 2014

Pasta/Noodle Maker

Hey hey hey
Update live from Penang ya!Just arrived here about 11pm just now.We had our iftar at R&R Tapah.Luckily, it was not crowded.

Orait, this entry was hold about 2 weeks.I had no time to update this before but I have to update it by today , no matter what, because I know later on this entry will not be done. So here we go, an update and review about a new toy in my kitchen , it is called "Pasta/Noodle maker".

Yea, I really love to have/buy something related to my kitchen because as you know, I love cooking. That's my hobby since I was in high school.That's why I owned an online bakery now :)

This toy was purchased from Groupon.The discounted price is RM38 including delivery.

This is how it looks like from outside

The real thing , comes in with 5 types of mould
 So, my first experiment was to make 'laksa noodle'.The recipe is simple, only 3 ingredients required and those are rice flour,multi-purpose flour and hot water. Mix all the ingredients until it turns to dough and you are done on the first step.Second step is to shape the dough.Divide the dough into 2, insert one of it  into the pasta/noodle maker.Make sure you choose the right hole size to make 'laksa noodle. I choose the biggest hole that available, however it's up to your choice.Before that, please ensure that you prepare a pot of water on the stove and let it boiled. Now,it's time to shape the dough.You just need to rotate the handwheel into the boiling water.You will know when the noodle is ready once it's floating.Anyway, sorry I did not took any photo during the making of this noodle.It was just my first try.Here is an only photo was taken. 
Homemade laksa noodle
I will make a special entry how to make homemade laksa noodle soon , once I found the right/best recipe ya:)

~Good Night , Sweet Dream ~


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